Poems in English

 Practice # i

Close your eyes and calm your mind following the rhythm of the breathing. 
Once done, observe the world (avoid describing it). 
Perceive its shapes, colors, textures,fragrances, sounds, flavors and echoes. 
Embrace the sensations in your soul.
Repeat the procedure for a whole week.
After a while, invite people to share this event.

Practice # ii

Down by the sea.
Inhale, by half an hour, the aroma of sunrise.
Store it in a chest of foam until December of the following year.

Practice # iii

Go out to the park on a sunny day.
Lay on the grass facing the sky.
Then think of a melody, a flavor and a colour.
Place them inside a cloud.
Finally, savour them by the beat of the melody chosen.

Practice # iv

Smooth down the mind of all nonsense.
Replace them by a bluish fragrance.
Remember the fragrance every single Monday of next January.

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